I'm Ponnanganni


Ponnanganni is used for medicinal purpose not only in Indian traditional medicine system but also in many countries of Africa. The plant is bitter, sweet, constipating and cooling in action. This is a non-toxic plant and eaten as vegetable and salad. The young shoots contain five percent protein and 16.7 mg (per 100 g) iron. Leaves also contain a good amount of alpha- and beta-tocopherols.

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  • The whole plant is used for increasing breast milk, promoting bile flow, inducing abortion, and for curing fever.
  • The soup prepared from fresh plant is helpful in increasing breast milk and toning up of the liver.
  • Fresh leaves juice (1 tablespoon) mixed with garlic clove is folk remedy for asthma, chronic cough, and intermittent fever.
  • For spermatorrhoea (Involuntary discharge of semen without orgasm), the leaf juice (1 tablespoon) is mixed with coriander leaf juice (1 teaspoon) and wood apple leaf juice (1 teaspoon). This is taken with milk every night for 2 months. For sexual debility, grated coconut and leaves (1:10) are fried in ghee and eaten with rice or roti.
  • For bleeding piles, two tablespoon leaf juice of Ponnanganni  is mixed with radish leaf juice (2 tablespoon) and given 2-3 times a day for one month.