I'm Thuthuvalai(Solanum)


This medicinal herb leaves and flower (poo) is commonly used for treating cold, cough and acute asthma. From the ancient period this thoothuvalai keerai herb is used by roasting in oil or pure ghee and making a powder or it.

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Traditional Uses of Thuthuvalai

Ayurvedic and Siddha practitioners had used this herb for prevention and also for treating several health ailments. Solanum trilobatum also has huge importance as medicine across several ethnic groups in India (18,19).

Fruits of this plant are used for treating cough, hiccups, and fatigue. It is also used for improving the quality of semen.

Tender leaves of this plant are considered as a remedy for cough, intestinal worms and are even believed to improve memory.

Word of Caution

As per Ayurveda consuming Thuthuvalai may cause an increase in body heat and thirsty.